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Cyborgs & Prosthetics

UT Arlington

Science, Technology, & Values

Rochester Institute of Technology

How have humans employed science to solve problems? What fears have scientific and technological developments provoked? This course examines how science and technology shape human experiences, interactions, hopes, and anxieties by focusing on six major themes: genetic interventions, environmental debates, “smart” technologies, digital privacy issues, health disparities, and biomedical ethics.

Social Consequences of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology

In this course, we’ll examine a mix of technologies from the past and present to analyze how technology:


  • Connects & excludes

  • Enslaves & liberates

  • Illuminates & entertains 

  • Knows

  • Destroys

  • Saves & Repairs

Gender, Science, & Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology

Intro to Environmental Studies

Rochester Institute of Technology

Why do folks argue about climate change? How do celebrities influence environmental policies? How does (and will) environmental issues impact you personally?

In this course, we’ll address questions like these by examining a wide range of sources—documentaries, social media, scientific reports, cultural memes, laws and legal proceedings, educational videos and materials, political speeches, and more.

Epidemics in History

Rochester Institute of Technology

This course traces epidemic disease throughout history, including plague, smallpox, cholera, influenza, tuberculosis, malaria, polio, HIV/AIDS, and COVID-19. It examines theories of disease transmission and treatment; tensions between public health and personal responsibility; and the social and cultural legacies of disease.

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