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Video Captioning

Captions are crucial for making videos accessible, especially for:

  • Deaf and hard of hearing folks

  • English language learners

  • Those with central auditory processing disorder

Open captions are always visible and can't be turned off.

Closed captions (CC) can be turned off.

Locating Captioned Videos in YouTube:


When searching YouTube for videos to share, select Filter along the top of your initial search results.

Next, navigate to the fourth column entitled Features and select Subtitles/CC.

Captioning Videos

It may be easiest to start with a transcript.


One way to generate a transcript while recording your video:

In Google Docs: Tools--Voice Typing (or alt+shift+S)

Edit transcript

Next, after uploading your video to YouTube,


Edit captions








National Association of the Deaf: How to Caption Your Video

Closed captioning symbol with two large letter sees
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