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Access Needs

Regardless of disability status, we all have access needs.

Access needs are anything you require of your community or environment in order to participate fully, healthfully, and meaningfully.

Sample access needs questions you can incorporate into a getting-to-know-you survey.


"I have a serious peanut allergy and can't be around them. I carry an Epipen in the front zippered pocket of my bag."

"I'm blind/low vision/using ASL interpreters/reading captions and ask that folks state their name before speaking."

"I need to stand and stretch regularly and will move to the back of the room to do so."

"I am sensitive to scented lotions and perfumes and ask that you refrain from using these during our meeting."

"I have color vision deficiency and ask that folks identify things with descriptors beyond just colors."

"I need to eat every couple hours and will take a step outside to do so." 

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