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Simply, you can't be doing DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) without adding the A onto the end for accessibility. You can't be doing that kind of work without disability. Quote by Jim LeBrecht, director of Crip Camp

Welcome, Access Heroes, and thanks for visiting this site! 

Ableism permeates higher education, from the work we write and assign students to the academic journals and conferences to which we submit and host. I am committed to the design justice framework and mantra “nothing about us without us!” that centers disabled folks in reshaping our teaching and learning spaces. 

This site is still under construction but will share strategies for: 


  • Learning Access

Instructors seldom receive the digital accessibility training necessary to make their courses and materials compliant and inclusive. Learn about plain language, alt text, audio description, color contrast, and more.

  • Teaching Access

Students are future instructors, content creators, web designers, and leaders who will be responsible for making their content accessible. We need to incorporate accessibility training into our curriculum and model access excellence. 

  • Practicing Accessibility Allyship

Changing the ableist culture of higher education requires us all to 


  • Disability History Calendar


Cover of Sean Zdenek's book entitled Reading Sounds: Closed-Captioned Media and Popular Culture

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